Friday, July 27, 2012

With love...

Why r you growing up so fast? Plzz don't!! Yes, my little cute-pie has grown up, now engaged & all set to get married. Sonai u are one of those best gifts that Mr. God gave me. 

You've given me the most memorable childhood. Those were the days, when u used to be the teacher & i used to b ur student, u the doctor & me ur patient. Those little fights & then again playing 'ghar-ghar' in the courtyard. I still remember how we used to dance together in those body frocks, Bubun dada & Bo masi irritating us in between & then u shouting & crying on them. You remember those gajras we used to make sitting in the lawn. We used to clip them in our hair & flaunt like anything ;). God knows how many pani puris we ate together, countless!! You were the cutest toy for me calling my name 'Umpi' (actually Rumpi) & shouting for help seeing 'pota' (Poka- insect). Ya she was totli then, couldn't spell 'r' & 'k' hahahhaaaa.... 

We shared so many things since childhood, right from our wardrobe till bathroom(lol). Above all, the most memorable Chirimiri trip, how can i forget on that. That was the best summer vacation of my life with u. Can't forget those playful evenings in Bona Ma's garden, those jumps & splashes in the water tank. Hahaha... we used to mess up everything in the house & then behave like we don't know anything. The haww!! expressions that we used to give while Bona Ma scolding us. You remember we broke Bona Ma's cot while jumping & dancing on it heheheee.... mischievous we were ;)

You not only gave me a memorable childhood but we also shared our beautiful teen-age.We could & can stand hours long in front of the mirror posing & doing make-up. I still remember you hammering the comb in my head while braiding my hair & screaming, "Rumpi soja dara" while draping my saree. I still crack on remembering those endless late night chit-chat in the bed, sharing our teen-age love-stories (read infatuation). We shared so much warmth blushing over the guys we had crush on, giggling together. Lying Ma & Bo masi & roaming all over Bilaspur on your 'Dhanno' for our 'nain-sukh', though it was all in-vain :p 

Nagpur was another memorable chapter of our lives. You moving to Nagpur with me was such a rejoicing time. Showing you Nagpur & nagpurians on my Zing, getting drenched in the rain, VNIT ka bhutta with extra butter & chuttney, shopping at Burdi, Shankarnagar ki pani-puri, sitting for hours & gossiping at the Telankhedi lake & so on... all these were of so much fun we had together. Must not forget the inter-college dance competition, where u were paired with Chetan (lol). U guys were replicating Gulliver & Lilliput hahahhaa..... 

And then I got married, but it didn't end up there.You were there holding my other hand tightly with all the love ensuring me to be confident & not nervous in my new life.While stepping into my new family & holding your hand some how I could hear you saying in your heart, "don't worry baby, I am there with u." It was you standing beside me while i was all surrounded by my new family. You've always been my weakness but suddenly that day, that moment u turned out to be my strength & that's when I realized that you've grown up. Grown up, beyond I could have imagined. Your departure left me crying all that day, but I was happier than ever thinking of my little one taking up her responsibilities towards her job & her own life. 

Today it's difficult for me to sink in the truth that u r soon going to get married. So many memories, still racing fresh in my mind. Now is the time I realized that am gonna miss u badly. Though we don't stay together, but there is a sting attached to our hearts which will keep pulling one or the other every time we miss each other. We fought so many times but again patched up our relation. So, what are sisters meant for? Sonai, u are & have always been more than a friend & more than a sister to me. I wish we'll be enjoying & cherishing every moment of our life forever & ever.... 

With love,
Umpi :*

Love u...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Few thoughts on Womanism

A woman is just not a tag, it has so many sub-titles to it. Like a woman is a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend & so on... & with every title she has different relations & responsibilities which defines her. But the question is how these definitions are being judged? On what parameter does the responsibilities are being set? Why a woman has been told what to do & what not to do? Just because our society have been working  this way since god knows when!

Today we see so many proud women in our country & all over the globe defining their own name. But there are so many women in mass still fighting for their rights & searching for their name.

This recent incident of Guwahati is just an example of again how women being in 2012 still fighting for its rights & looking for its space in this so called modern society. A 17yr. old girl was molested, abused & stripped in the public by 20men & the society was sleeping. An area which is in the heart of the city, where in there is a Police station on one side & the Assam secretariat on the other side. For my wonder how & from where do people get so much of guts to do such a disgusting act. Who gave them the right?? Being a woman, I am shit scared of this incident, while the victim here is just an 11std. student. A teen age girl who has just started living her life. Of course this isn't the first incident.

How do the society defines the term 'woman'? Is it that women are meant to be kept at home like show pieces? Or she is just the solution to a man's pleasure? Or she is a machine who produce babies? Who decides the right & wrong for a woman? Why does a girl leaves her own house after marriage? Whats the need of changing her surname? Why can't we keep our own name? So many questions... 

I being a woman feels every individual has his/her rights to put up his/her own thoughts. Every one has the right to live their life their own way. 

It happens when a girl get married, she has to adapt with her new family. She goes to a new family, new culture, new everything. But that doesn't mean she have to change her thoughts or her views in every step. How can one adjust with her thoughts & views? U've all the rights to put up ur thoughts & views. Often I see people saying, "now that u r married u'll have to walk according to ur in-laws" & my question is, "even if they r wrong also?" Well my point is to be what u are & never ever give up in putting up ur thoughts at least. A changed view is a changed YOU.

So many names be it mother, daughter, sister, friend or any which way, after all she is a woman. A lot of people can't take women's freedom or their way to independence. But why not? People have to understand this thing that a women is not restricted to just her home. She has all the rights to explore & enjoy this world. She is the one who brought us to this world, then how can some one just restrict her till the kitchen?

I wonder when will people start understanding women & start treating them as human.
Woman is a beautiful creation of god. Don't spoil it, more over don't customize her.