Friday, March 12, 2010

what is it??

What is it??

A new feeling is growing, a feeling which is scaring me time to time. i always wanted to be in Pune, but now i don't feel like being Pune. i want to get out of here. this place is scaring me. one by one all my friends will leave Pune & me all alone.

I want to start of a all new fresh life, with a job & my friends beside me.

What is it?? This strange feeling.....


  1. every day is a fresh life .... u jus wish to start it and it is done, and ur frnds may nr be physically with u, but yeah, they are alwaz thr .... alwz thr wid u .... i kno i am .....
    Love U ....

  2. Agreed that everybody will get out of Pune sooner or later but i dont agree to this that they will forget you.... now it depends on you as to who do u consider your that good frend who woll b there with u always... now n ever!!!!