Monday, April 19, 2010

A new beginning

Well!! A new beginning...

14th April, 5:45am i stepped down d train, hot humid platform full of ppl & told myself " Welcome,to the city of dreams: MUMBAI". I shifted to Mumbai & its treating me as if am all new to this place, which am not. I've stayed in Mumbai for 2 mnths. which was in all a gud experience tht time. But suddenly this time Mumbai has became strange for me. Donn knw whts wrong. But the best part is tht i've joined my job, which i was waiting since long. A all ne start of my life.

15th April, 10:00 am, sitting in my new office; VJ Media Works waiting for my boss to come, a new feeling was taking birth in my heart. U c the feeling of responsibility, the feel of a grown-up kind. Hush!! finally my boss arrived hah.... Well first day of office was little boring reading all the issues of our magazine, but then slowly & gradually they started giving me work. Its so amazing. Taking the flavor of being employed & work. Now am making my own database of clients, calling them, mailing them, following them, asking them for interviews & so on..... In all am super busy with work.... & m loving it...praaa pup....paaaa.... yuhuuu...

In all a new start....
A new beginning.... :)


  1. first tym i reading ur writeup :)
    Miss journalist.
    evry start is a new start for evry one1 don't worry u will rock

  2. yes it is.... every start is a new start...& so d start of a new fear.... so...

  3. first of all congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and glad to hear that you have started taking responsibility ...
    so, how do you feel of "grown-up kind"

    best of luck !!!!!!!!!