Friday, April 30, 2010

One sad experience!!

Few days back, I was walking down the lanes of Andheri to catch a rickshaw to my office. It's really a struggle to get a rick from there to my office. Finally after a real fight with the stinking heat of Mumbai, I got a rick. "Bhaiya Goregon west chalna", said I. The rick was quite a junk boss & the chauffeur, oh my lord was damn slow. "Bhaiya zara tez chalao" said I.

I needed to swipe some cash, so I asked him to pause at ATM. I went & come, I saw the rick driver was crying with 1 hand on his head. I was like kind of questioning myself "whats wrong?", "What happened?" & I sat back in the rick. He started his motor & we started heading towards my office. Curious I asked him " Kya ho gaya bhaiya?" He started crying again & I was like was that the wrong time or wrong question to ask... Then slowly he replied that his daughter is not well, she is almost in the mouth of heaven. His family is in Allahabad, UP & he was all alone here helpless. He was running out of money.

I got all emotional & i ended up asking him to take money from me ( I know, i know i was being emotional fool that time, but guys check out the whole story first). I was trying to be generous, but what the crap.... that auto wala turned out to be another Amitabh Bachhan of Khuddar film. He said a Big NO NO to me & my mouth remained open like Awww....

Well here my office was. While getting off from the rick said he, " main bas ap se dukh bant raha tha, paiso ke liye kahani nahi suna raha tha.Aaj kal ki duniya mein kaun kis ka hota hai, bura mat mann na madam ji, paiso ke liye suna na hota kahani to pehle hi bol diya hota. Gareeb hu, Bhikari nahi."

I was shocked, happy, sad.... mixed feeling...seeing that this kind of people still alive. Nice it was...

Well what to say..... A nice yet sad experience!!


  1. wow such kinda ppl do exist now even in mumbai?????? love you for youre experience.....

  2. @ Sammy: Thanx Sammy baby
    Annonymous: Thanx for ur comment. May I ask u why, u didnt like it?? i mean u can rectify me netiime..

  3. really strange...but liked it

  4. really strange......insaan ko haalat se ladne k liye paiso se jyada insaan ki he jarurat hoti hai

  5. as humans we need ppl who listen to us and be with us for that moment of our sad tym not help or show sympathy etc. more importantly a man needs a frnd who just listens to his difficult tyms that frnd doesnt even has to advice him the man will sort the thing out no matter what for his family